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Enhance Your Spa Experience with Our Signature Add-On Treatments


Skin Types/Concerns: Uneven Texture | Uneven Tone | Tired or Dry Skin


Ampules are supercharged serums that address so many different skin concerns. They contain a highly concentrated formulation encapsulated within single “serving size” glass vials. This preserves the integrity of the product and allows it to have no contact with the air until it’s being applied. Ampoules may contain ingredients like peptides, growth factors, precious oils, actives, and a medley of antioxidant-rich botanical ingredients to help nourish the skin and fight free radicals. The ingredients depend on what the ampoule is targeted to treat.

Apply the ampoule in the morning or evening after cleansing and toning skin. Apply just a couple of drops directly to the skin and gently blend throughout the face and neck. I like to use the entire ampule to coat face, neck, chest, and shoulders personally. Ampules don’t take the place of your moisturizer even if they are considered “hydrating”, so always follow with your moisturizer.




  • Intensive Lines , expression wrinkles and large Pores.

  • Targets visible signs of aging , large pores , creases , and crinkles .

  • Keeps skin smooth and wrinkle free and improves moisture levels in the skin


Argireline is known as acetyl hexapeptide -3 or -8 to target fine lines and subtle expression wrinkles (caused by repeated muscle movement). It affects the nerve-to-muscle communication so that the muscle contractions do not deepen expression wrinkles, it also stimulates collagen production, further helping to increase skin firmness. Along with the skin-smoothing effects, argireline improves moisture levels in the skin. And hydrated skin is always going to look more youthful than dry skin. This powder mask is best for full face application targeting where you have large pores, creases, and crinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead.

Contouring Mask


ReadyMedical is the first professional line of ready to mix sterile products specifically created for Physicians and for pratictioners in the field of aesthetics. We use the highest quality raw materials and process them in our laboratory using the most advanced technologies. ReadyMedical products are based on the combination of a unique sonicated sterile hyaluronic acid with the specific active ingredient targeted for the kind of result that the pratictioner wants to achive. Our exclusive system of instant mixing of high concentration active ingredients avoids any contamination and allows to preserve the total stability and integrity of the formulation.


What is LED light therapy and what are the benefits?

Light-emitting diode (LED) light therapy has recently gained traction in the healthcare arena. Not only have more medical offices been incorporating LED light therapy in their services, but the widespread availability of devices facilitates at-home use for consumers. LED light therapy is mainly focused on skincare, promoting anti-aging effects and reducing inflammation. The purported benefits include an increase in the amount of collagen in the skin, which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other stigmata of aging. Other uses of LED light therapy include acne, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, scarring and sun damage.

What are the different kinds of LED light therapy?

There are different wavelengths of the visible light spectrum, each corresponding to different colours and penetrating the skin to different depths. It is thought that LED light produces different effects depending on the level of skin it penetrates.

The most common frequencies used in LED light therapy are the red and blue wavelengths, which are readily absorbed into the skin and do not contain harmful ultraviolet light. Red light is used to treat the outermost layer of skin, otherwise known as the epidermis. It is thought that when this layer of skin absorbs infrared light, the fibroblast cells that are responsible for the production of collagen proteins are then stimulated. The increase in collagen production can make the skin look smoother, which can mitigate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Blue light, on the other hand, targets the oil glands located in the deeper layers of skin. By reducing the amount of oil that these glands produce, the skin can become drier which in turn could lead to fewer acne breakouts.

What can I expect with LED light therapy?

In most instances, multiple treatment sessions are required with a typical treatment session lasting up to 30 minutes. Depending on the device being used, you will either lay down directly underneath the light source, or a more targeted device such as a mask or wand may be employed directly on the area to be treated. Though LED light therapy can be used anywhere on the body, it is most commonly used to treat damage on the face caused by the sun and other elements.

LED light therapy is noninvasive and thus carries few risks with no downtime. It can be used on all skin types and does not burn the skin. Additionally, no pain is associated with LED light therapy. However, there may be some rare instances in which it may not be advisable to have treatment to an area, such as an active rash or if you use Accutane.

Although there may be a noticeable improvement after LED light therapy, follow-up treatments or maintenance may be required. If you are thinking about LED light therapy, the first step is to consult with a plastic surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and who also has experience with using LED light devices. Be sure to do your homework and research the credentials of your plastic surgeon. While this does not guarantee results, it is the best way to make sure that you will be happy with the outcome.

Stones Massage


  • Appointment required for all services

  • Please notify us 24 hours in advance if you want to CANCEL or RESCHEDULE or a $50.00 charge will apply

  • Prices do not include HST  

  • Spa Packages cannot be shared

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  • Prices may change without notice.

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